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Sequential Circuits MusicMate

A real music keyboard for the Commodore 64 with disk drive!*

The MusicMate is a quality musical instrument keyboard featuring full size keys like traditional instruments. And because it’s designed for use with a powerful computer it let’s you explore your music easily, and in exciting new ways! For instance, you can select and play many different instruments sounds. You can also record and playback any 3 voice  arrangement you play on the MusicMate keyboard, up to 10 minutes worth at a time! And with the addition of other inexpensive software you can store your music on diskette or print** your music in standard music notation. The MusicMate keyboard doesn’t tie up to your computer’s expansion slot. Just plug it into the joystick port!”

The keyboard and software in this package let you:

  • Record up to 10 continuous minutes of your music and play it back!
  • Choose between 8 preset instrument sounds including electric piano, violin, clarinet, banjo, etc.
  • Play the keyboard live, sounding up to three notes at a time!
  • Expand your music capabilities with exciting additional software.
*Commodore 64 is a registered trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc.
** You need a high quality printer.
©1984 Sequential Circuits, Inc.

 The MusicMate comes with the Model 970 software diskette package but it seems there are few other software :

SONG BUILDER (Model 971)

Build your own songs by overdubbing up to 3 layers of notes (each with its own instrument sound!). Or record 1 – 2 layers of notes and play the third layer live. Also, change the key and speed of your music.

SONG EDITOR (Model 972)

See the songs you write with the SONG BUILDER displayed on a four-color Grand Staff on your monitor. And conveniently edit your songs.

SONG PRINTER (Model 973)

The SONG PRINTER prints out your songs in standard music notation.

SOUND MAKER (Model 974)

View a full color graphic display that looks like the front panel of a professional synthesizer to program the shape, volume and tone of your own personal sounds.

Here is the original ad you could find in Commodore Power Play #11 (1984) :

MusicMate software (.d64) : MusicMate

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January 15th, 2014 at 4:32 am

I have a MusicMate and it is cool! It would be more collectable if it had 972/973/974 These other 3 Disks so we could edit what we create and share it so others can play them back!. Well any one else have one it would be nice if you could share your experiences with us!.

Thanks and Happy New Year 2014 we hope is the year we get it all preserved! 🙂

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