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H.P. Lovecraft in your commodorian dreams…


” Ph’nglui mglw’6502 Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’SID fhtagn “

I guess I’m not the only one having a huge passion for our beloved Commodore 64 and an obsession for this sanity destroyer called H.P. Lovecraft.

If there is now “R’lyeh”-a-lot of videogames based on Chtulhu’s mythos on various platforms (PC, MAC, iOS, etc…), I have to admit that my “deep” researches, for those that we don’t name of on Commodore 64, only gave few results.

No more chit-chat, let’s pack few clothes, a six shot gun and an ancient copy of the infamous Necronomicommodore and here we go to Antarctica to discover the Mountains of madness and the coldness of an icy videogame desert.

Eye of Kadath

Image 001

Eye of Kadath – The Guild Adventure Software – 1983

As you can see on the title screen, this one is a text adventure and you have to choose between choices of actions.

Image 002

Download .t64 :


The lurking horror

Copie de img668

The Lurking Horror – Dave Lebling – Infocom – 1987

” A winter night at the G.U.E. tech campus with most students away on vacation serves as the backdrop for this tale of Lovecraftian horror.  “

The game starts with the player trying to finish a term paper at G.U.E. Tech, a large MIT-like American university. The player has braved a snowstorm to travel to the school’s computer lab to work on the report. The document is now mangled beyond repair, however; with the help of a hacker, the player finds that the file has been partially overwritten by the Department of Alchemy’s files. Although the game begins as a quest to try to salvage the term paper, alarming events soon unfold, revealing a powerful evil within the school’s depths.

What began as a mere snowstorm has strengthened into a full-force blizzard. The player must traverse the University grounds in an attempt to recover the term paper’s data. Much of the campus is deserted and covered in snowdrifts, rendering walkways impassable. The only accessible avenues are steam tunnels and a small complex of buildings. In the course of unraveling the mystery, the player encounters demons, zombies and sinister references to a recent campus suicide. Failing to set things right in the hidden passages beneath the school will result in a literal fate worse than death.

Image 016

Download .d64 : The Lurking Horror (1987)(Infocom)[starline].zip

Terrore a Dunwich

Image 014

Terrore a Dunwich  – Marco Corazza, Fabrizio “Biola” Corazza – Systems Editoriale – 1987

” The story begins with the main character who finds himself in an empty house and from then on up to the player to find out what happens. “

A text adventure game in italian.

Image 015

Download .d64 : Terrore A Dunwich (1987)(Systems)(it)[ian coog].zip

The Call of Cthulhu

Image 003

Call of Cthulhu – Anthony Burns – 2002

This one is a pretty recent shoot’em up made with the SEUCK (Shoot Em Up Construction Kit) engine.

Image 007

Download .d64 :

The Dunwich Horror

Image 010

The Dunwich Horror – Anthony Burns – 2003

Just one year later, another SEUCK game by Mr Burns.

Image 012

Download .d64 : The Dunwich Horror (2003)(TND).zip


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December 19th, 2018 at 11:48 pm

there is also a triology of german graphical text adventures by eway10 software:
– Die Höhle (2005)
– Der Seelenlose (2005)
– Das Auge Dagons (2009)

more can be found on the homepage …german only

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