August 26, 2014 | In: Hardware, Software by rEdrUm

C64TPC is Open Source !

Like a  SD2IEC or XE1541 the C64TPC is one of the many opportunities to upgrade your Commodore 64 to remove the need for the 5 “1/4 floppies. The C64TPC is a very nice little box that emulates up to four floppy drives using your PC that becomes then a file server for disk images. If you want more information, you can read the full review of C64TPC I wrote for

I am one of the lucky ones who were able to buy one at the time when it was still produced and sold by its founder, Ahmet Eymür . The C64TPC unfortunately is not sold anymore. Now an independent game developer, Ahmet , well aware that his C64TPC could still be improved in many ways, decided to put the full source code of the project available as open source for all !

Here’s a good reason for the most advanced developers among you to take control and refine it this project that deserves to be continued. For example : a better compatibility with USB<>serial adapters, a software version for OS X, etc, etc.

To download the complete source code, you can do it here.

To play the latest game created by Ahmet , Forbidden Forest , you can find it on Google Play by clicking here  or on the Apple App Store here .

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