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Arcade Commando lands on the Commodore 64

In recent times it has become more and more common that brave developers have started to work on improving unsatisfactory existing versions of games. It is true that in the 80s ports from one machine to another were often botched. Today is Commando‘s turn to get  a makeover on Commodore 64 thanks to the group Nostalgia. This run n’ gun released by Capcom in 1985, on almost all platforms at the time, had had several levels and features cut in its version for 8-bit computers. Like the Arcade version of the title this new version has 8 levels, which is 5 more than in the C64 original version, as well as having improved graphics and music.

Note that all the music from the 1985 version was composed by Rob Hubbard and is now considered one of the best Commodore 64 games soundtracks.

Update: I just tested the game, I noticed that you can choose between the original music and sound or the remastered version! And that makes all the difference! In the original version of the game, the music was stopped at certain moments to enable the sound effects to be heard and in the new version you can hear them both at the same time! Also, the new sound effects are really good. I strongly advise you check out this improved version of the game !

If you want to test this for yourself or to learn more, download the rom is here.

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Really awesome news,really love your post 🙂

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