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A power glove for Commodore 64

C64 Gaming Glove

Yes, that’s right. OK, so it’s not a « real » Power Glove, you know, the uncomfortable contraption that was brought for the Nintendo NES out in 1989. That’s precisely why the inventor of this « Wireless Motion-Sensing Gaming Glove for the Commodore 64 » wanted to create something better than his Japanese ancestor.

To do this, Leif decided to use a SoMo sensor from the Canadian company SonicWear. This sensor is basically used to translate body movements into real-time musical and visual compositions. The inventor completed the project by coding the data transmitted by the glove/gyroscopes/sensors so that they would be read by the C64 as simple joystick controls!
For those of you that are interested, the source code is available here.

If you’d like to know more, you can go to the project page. Incidentally, the creator has invited us to come and try out the glove on December 7 at the World of Commodore 2013 in Toronto… If we make it, we’ll be sure to give you some feedback

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