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Fisher Price Song Maker – 1985

Oh YES! Summer time! Time to make serious music to destroy the dancefloor!


Time to bang some square wave and kill some crack-heads! Uh ?! Oh! What?! Is it for kids only ?

SONG MAKER™ is a fun and creative music game for children. With a variety of whimsical characters, your child can play recognizable and favorite songs or experiment in creating their own tunes. SONG MAKER uses a special simplified notation to make early music concepts like pitches and song design, easy to understand. Your child will haw hours of fun creating and sharing songs with family and friends,

FISHER-PRICE Learning Software is designed to make it easy for children to learn through creative play, needing little more than imagination and a joystick. These brief instructions For playing will help you get to a quick start.


Funny music tracker for kids… working on only 1 track (which is definitly not deserving the SID!) with simple notes and funny sounds. That’s all! It also features 15 pre-recorded tracks with classic songs. You can LOAD/SAVE on tape.

No more chit-chat! Here is a video 🙂

Files :
Song Maker (1985)(Fisher Price) software (.crt, 8 Kb)
Song Maker (1985)(Fisher Price) manual (.pdf, 536 Kb)

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August 31st, 2013 at 12:53 am

Hate to say it but Mario Paint and Fun And Games for the SNES just murders this.

But that doesn’t detract from the sheer awe even stuff like this received from all those brand new kids just discovering the brand new computers.

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