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Drum Studio

Drum Studio (Aka Drumstudio) – Version v2.80A –  1990
Copyright (c) 1990 Mark Wilson – Credits Mark Wilson [code] – Gez [DigiBoost consultant]

Quite an unusual job for the SID:  samples.

Drum Studio is a simple step sequencer based on 32 steps patterns. All classics functions are here : copy/paste to easily duplicate patterns, clear a voice or the whole voices, tempo in BPM (would be nice to compare this BPM cycles to a classic Drum Machine like Roland TR-505…) and a simple but effective song mode where you can chain patterns.

7 sampled sounds are ready to bang : kick, snare, 4 basses and a vocal sample!

And now… here is the video !
(0’00” to 0’36” – free pattern mode / 0’37” to the end – song mode)

Keys : 

F1 Stop sequence
F3 Change sequence
F5 Record sequence
F7 Play song
<- Disc operations
R/S Clear both voices
C= Clear only record voice
SPC Delete real time event
RETURN Output through: SID/SFX
+/- Tempo
, Copy into the copy buffer
. Copy out of the copy buffer

Demo song :
Drum Studio – Commodore 64 by mycommodore64


Disk image (.d64 file) :

drum_studio.player.TSM+IKARI+TALENT (thanks to HVMEC for .d64 file and function keys)

Feel free to send us your smashing patterns and mega-hits ! 😉

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