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Magic Voice


Manufacturer : Commodore
Publisher : Commodore
Year : 1984
Speaker : No
Rarity : Common
Connexion : Cartridge Port

Weight : 325 g


One of the most common voice cartridge on the market.

Verry easy to use and have a voice that sounds more female.

Some commodore games cartridges have been specially designed for uses with the Magic Voice (Wizard Of Wor, Gorf, A Bee Cs)


Magic Voice Sample 1

magicVoice1.mp3 by mycommodore64

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Syd Bolton

June 15th, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Just a correction – this is NOT one of the most common voice cartridges in the market. It is QUITE rare. Commodore.ca confirms this http://www.commodore.ca/gallery/hardware/hardware.htm and in my many years of curating a computer museum, I’ve only ever come across 1 – the 1 we have!

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